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Creamy avocado coconut pops

Strawberry peach sangria pops 

Raspberry yogurt pops 

Pineapple ginger ice pops 

No matter the flavor, these hacks will help you be top of the pops: 

  • To easily unmold ice pops, dip molds in warm water then gently wiggle and pull each pop to release. 
  • To refreeze pops once they’ve been unmolded, wrap individually in parchment paper. Transfer pops to a large resealable bag and return to freezer. 
  • To avoid sticky hands, poke a hole in a cupcake liner or square of parchment paper. Insert the craft stick and position under the pop to catch drips. 
  • When using coconut milk, make sure the liquid is not separated by shaking the can vigorously before opening. 
  • For a kid-friendly version of sangria pops, replace wine with white grape or apple juice. 
  • No ice pop molds? No problem. Try one of these DIY options: 
  • Small paper cups. Fill cups with mixture of your choice, cover with foil, insert craft sticks or straws, and freeze. Use scissors to remove cups once pops are frozen. 
  • Ice cube tray. Fill each cube and place a cocktail stick in one corner. Freeze for bite-sized ice pops. 
  • Muffin tin. Add cupcake liners to muffin tins. Fill, cover with foil, and insert craft sticks. Peel away liners once pops are frozen. 

Stay cool, friends. 

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