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January 1st always comes with major FSE: Fresh Start Energy. Make the most out of that “new year, new you” vibe with these small action items to start the next 365 days off right.

1. Write down your goals (and dreams) on paper

Research shows that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. So whether you’re hoping to crush your first 5K, pay down some debt, or make a bucket-list trip happen this year, put things into motion by writing that dream down. It’s the first step to making it happen!

2. Set a recurring calendar invite for exercise

If your big New Year’s resolution is fitness-related — or you’re just interested in getting more steps in — block out designated time on your calendar to make it happen. Even better, invite a friend or loved one to join you, as having an exercise buddy will help you stay motivated (and actually enjoy those laps around the community track).

3. Tidy up your kitchen

If you hosted a lot this past holiday season, odds are your kitchen space is a little chaotic. Dedicate some time to cleaning out your fridge of expired goods, organizing your counters, and restocking your pantry. Having a clean workspace, where everything is in its proper place, will not only help you avoid food waste, but also motivate you to cook more often for yourself.  

Need more ways to tidy up you kitchen, check out our New Year ResetTips.

4. Book your doctor’s appointments for the year

Annual physical exams and wellness checks are crucial for staying on top of your health. Book everything out early, from your PCP to your teeth cleanings, so you don’t miss important appointments and have plenty of time to plan your schedule accordingly.

5. Clean out your closet ...

Everyone’s guilty of hanging onto tattered sweatshirts from college that have more holes than fabric. But hang on no more! Time to bid a fond farewell to all ill-fitting duds, or stuff you haven’t worn in at least a year. Think of it as a way to make space for new things to come this year.

6. …And your inbox

Work smarter, not harder — especially when it comes to emails. Instead of striving for inbox zero, spend some time making colored labels and folders to categorize your work email. Add one some filters to automatically move marketing newsletters out of your inbox, and you’ll be on top of your work emails in no time.

7. Take time to unwind

Don’t just focus on productive things to start your year. The holidays are stressful, which is why it’s so important to give yourself some mental health recovery time at the start of the year. Whether it’s taking a sick day, redownloading that meditation app you tried last year, or relaxing in the tub with a book, make sure to spend some time recharging. 

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